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Extraordinary Situation

We would like to say a few words to you about the current situation:

Yesterday, Switzerland declared an extraordinary situation. This means that shops that are not relevant for daily needs must remain closed. Events have to be cancelled, hairdresser, restaurants, bars etc. are also closed. To what extent an e-cigarette shop may be opened is currently being clarified. Therefore, our branches of the Nebelbox will remain closed until further notice.

But: Our online shop can still deliver. Our customers can still place orders - also by telephone and with pick-up. A virtual consultation via Skype will be activated in the near future. StattQualm is still at operational presence and can deliver, provide support and handle the day-to-day business.

We have taken various internal measures to protect our employees and to ensure the safety of our customers.

Switzerland is currently in a difficult situation. However, thanks to the commitment of our healthcare system, the supply service providers and the military, the emergency situation is currently under control. We will have to forego a few conveniences in the coming weeks, but in the current situation this should take second place. Our thoughts are especially with the affected people / companies and our thanks go to the people who are caring and supplying our fellow human beings with full commitment every day.

Stay healthy #staycalmstaysafe

Team StattQualm