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Official Media Release: Central Switzerland’s vape pioneers merge

Altdorf. Only one business partner and added value for the region: The merger of the three companies StattQualm GmbH, Nebelbox GmbH and Crossbow Vapor GmbH from Uri brings numerous advantages for existing and future customers. The new company StattQualm Vape Corp. with domicile in Altdorf / UR (Switzerland) starts its business activity at the beginning of 2020.


At the end of 2019, three pioneers in the field of vaping merge to form StattQualm Vape Corp., domiciled in Altdorf / UR (Switzerland). With the merger of the three companies StattQualm GmbH, Nebelbox GmbH and Crossbow Vapor GmbH from Uri, it will be possible to meet customer needs even better in the future. "As a joint-stock corporation we are also well prepared for future challenges," says Chris Lusser, Chairman and CEO of the new StattQualm Vape Corp..

Swiss product with worldwide acceptance

The company history began in 2012 with the foundation of the association StattQualm. The association was an information platform for people who wanted to get away from their tobacco addiction with the help of e-cigarettes. "We advised people to switch and explained the advantages of vaping as a 95% less harmful alternative to the tobacco cigarette," says Chris Lusser in retrospect. Since at that time only very few vaping devices from the high-class range were available and StattQualm developed an own atomiser with the brand name SQuape. In the year 2013 the association was converted into a Ltd. and the SQuape product range was constantly further developed and extended. In recent years, StattQualm GmbH has succeeded in establishing itself on the growing market for high-class vaping devices. The SQuape product range, which is manufactured entirely in Switzerland, enjoys the highest level of acceptance worldwide.

Stores in Altdorf and Schwyz

To be able to better serve the growing vaping community in Uri, StattQualm GmbH founded Nebelbox GmbH in 2016 together with three vape enthusiasts from Uri. In the same year, the new company opened the first shop for e-cigarettes, liquid and vape accessories in Altdorf, Switzerland. A short time later, a nationally active online shop followed and the company moved to a larger shop at Lehnplatz 11 in Altdorf. In 2018, the Nebelbox expanded to Schwyz, where the company opened another branch at Herrengasse 3.

Successful liquids from Uri

Crossbow Vapor GmbH was founded in 2017. Two guys from Uri developed e-liquids, the necessary liquid for e-cigarettes. The two cousins found their first sales channel in the shop and in the online trade of Nebelbox GmbH. From there the liquids from Uri started their success story. The e-liquids from Crossbow Vapor are today available in several European countries with the support of StattQualm GmbH and the product range is constantly being expanded.

It becomes easier for customers

"The merger of the three companies to form StattQualm Vape Corp. offers great synergy potential," explains Chris Lusser. For example, in the online shop segment: "To date, all three companies individually managed one shop each for retail customers and business customers". In future, there will only be one single online shop at for all customer segments. Chris Lusser, Chairman and CEO of the new StattQualm Vape Corp, underlines the advantages:

"Customers previously had to order from three different locations, but will soon receive everything from one source and benefit from optimised processes and larger product range".

Creating added value for the region

StattQualm Vape Corp. will continue to be domiciled in Altdorf at Lehnplatz 11. The new company will employ several full and part-time employees in the future. "With our two stores we contribute to enlivening the village centres of Altdorf and Schwyz," says Chris Lusser. "Since all our own hardware is produced entirely in Central Switzerland, we are also creating added value for the region."


Chris Lusser, CEO and Chairman of the Board
StattQualm Vape AG
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[Picture] Chris Lusser, CEO/Chairman of the Board, and Lukas Kalbermatten, Head of Development, inspect a SQuape prototype.