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News about the SQuape R[eloaded] - LINK

As you might have heard, a well known French filmmaker and vaper, called Jan Kounen, is producing a documentary film on vaping. A film named Vape Wave. Please see following link for all details about Vape Wave: or

StattQualm is following Vape Wave since last year - after a while we decided to support the team of Vape Wave and to honor such a great effort. We will donate a very limited edition of gold plated SQuape R[eloaded] with special serial-no. Only four gold plated SQuape R[eloaded] will be sold by auctions to the public! One was shipped directly to Jan to bring him a golden moment.

How to buy one of these very rare golden SQuape R[eloaded]:

  • Auction starts at CHF 1.00
  • 4 different auctions one after another
  • If you win the auction you will receive the gold plated SQuape R[eloaded] including deck W

All the raised funds of all four auctions are entirely donated to Vape Wave.

Stay tuned and bid on the auction to get a Golden Moment!

Vape Wave and StattQualm

Link first auction:

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